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Digital bycatch - A new valuable Resource in Fisheries

OceanBox is an autonomous system for onboard collection and cloud storage of fisheries sensor data. It provides valuable services to private companies that want to improve their efficiency and at the same time promote responsible fishing.

OceanBox’s MISSION is to keep the economic efficiency of conducting scientific research in fisheries as low as possible by outsourcing routine tasks as much as possible. To achieve this mission we have introduced a system for more coherent fishing where both science and industry is invited to play a vital role.

To really understand the dynamics of fish resources, it is vital to make use of fishermen’s data and their knowledge. Especially when multiple vessels operate simultaneously, building up fleet-based information and sharing this across the fleet contributes highly to the observation radius of the fleet as a whole. Not only would the fleet be able to locate the target fish quicker thereby reducing unwanted catches and save on fuel, but the huge amount of data would also contribute to a data-basis that can be used for better fisheries management.

Optimizing fish finding &
Reducing unwanted bycatch

  • Fishing Data Intelligence & reporting
  • Fish migration forecasting
  • Acoustic fish species Identification
  • Real-time Echosounder health monitoring

Contributing to Fish stock Research &
Fish stock Governance

  • Large scale ocean data collection
  • Fish biomass estimations
  • Fish species behaviour

Transparency in fishing operations
to secure a ‘ licence to fish’

  • Custom auditing reports
  • Vessel tracking report
  • Ecological footprint report

Sustainability Aspects

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OceanBox promotes responsible fishing by offering its technology to vessels authorised by national authorities to participate in managed fisheries. Using the OceanBox improves fish stock knowledge, contributes to improved management and biomass increase. Providing for enhanced supply of fish through this mechanism contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals of ending hunger (SDG 2) and improving management of life below water (SDG 14).

Data Privacy aspects

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We believe that data are valuable assets that should be transformed into valuable insights, algorithms and/or solutions to support data driven business, fact-based decision making and drive innovation. It’s OceanBox mission to build and improve ecosystem and bio-resource management to provide economic value to marine knowledge while respecting privacy and commercial competition code of conduct. Therefore we have implemented clear and transparent policies on Data Governance and Data Privacy that we are happy to share with you.

Services & products

Data Acquisition & Analytics prepared for large scale monitoring

Autonomous collection, analytics and reporting of commercial fisheries sensor data for improved efficiency and responsible fishing.

Services & products

Autonomous, Transparent and Science-based data collection

Using Science-based, Open Source standards and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart Data Platform: Private & Secure data management

For both modern data warehousing, big data analytics and secure data sharing.

Standard Data Services: Reports, Alerts and tools

Free data report templates, your own data analytics workspaces and flexible data export.

Special Data Services: Advanced Tools & Data Insight Reports

We use advanced data technologies to tackle customer specific challenges.


A selection of our Clients

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We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Mark Sytse YBEMA. General Manager.

Mark Sytse YBEMA, MSc.

Founder / Fisheries data / Hydroacoustics
Alla Sapronova. Data Scientist.


Data Science & AI
Roland Proud

Roland PROUD

Data Analyst & Hydroacoustics
Andrei Rusu. Data system engineer.

Andrei RUSU

Data Engineering

Henko KORS

Microsoft Azure Solution Architect


AI & Automation Solution Architect

Advisory Board

Reinder Schaap. Advisor.

Reinder SCHAAP

Advisor - Former Fisheries and Agriculture attachee for the Netherlands.
Johán H. Williams. Advisor.


Advisor - Senior expert in Fisheries Governance and Management.
Øystein Lie. Advisor.

Øystein LIE

Advisor - Former dean at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Executive Manager MareLife, Founder of GenoMar AS.
Olav Rune Godø. Advisor.

Olav Rune Godø

Advisor - Senior expert on acoustics, survey design and marine technology.

Matthijs Emsbroek

Advisor - Senior expert on data, IT systems and blockchain

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Privacy Policy for OceanBox Lead Collection.

At OceanBox, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our LinkedIn page visitors and leads. We collect your name, email address, company name, job title, and any additional information you provide to respond to your inquiries, send relevant information about our services, and improve our offerings. We do not sell or rent your information to third parties but may share it with trusted service providers who assist us in operating our business. We take data security seriously and implement appropriate measures to protect your information. You have the right to request access to, correction, or deletion of your personal information. By providing your information, you consent to its collection and use as described in this policy, which may be updated periodically. For questions or concerns, please contact backoffice @ oceanbox.com.


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